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PTFE coated glass cloth and PTFE film tape are found throughout the aerospace industry as release film of composites and high temperature insulation tape for aerospace wire and cable.

Porous PTFE coated glass cloth for vacuum bagging

Porous PTFE coated glass cloth is also known as release sheet and bleeder cloth in aircraft industry. Our 9006P is specially designed for this industry. Trapped air between layers need to be removed during vacuum bagging process, thus it request PTFE release film that have excellent release property, reasonable permeability and high mechanical strength. PTFE coated glass cloth also resist to all resins, adhesives and solvents occurred during the vacuum process, it is essential material to improve physical feature of advanced composite material used in aerospace industry.


teflon™ tape for mold release of aircraft composite

teflon™ cloth tape also called PTFE adhesive tapes in aerospace industry is used for composite release such as helicopter blade, aircraft radomes, aircraft wings and boat hulls. ptfe tape used in this industry always has good release property, good adhesive with no residue after using and high strength.

PTFE film tape for cable wrapping

PTFE film tape is made from skived PTFE film with one side silicone adhesive, the tape resist high temperature, provide nonstick surface and offer good electric property. Normally found in the production of aviation composite as protection of wire and cable and protection of vacuum tool.

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