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ptfe glass fabric teflon™ adhesive tape  and PTFE conveyor belts are applied in automotive industry, during compression molding, plastic and rubber extrusion and cooling, and tire cord fabric manufacturing. Mold releasing for plastic panels like SMC, GMT and RMT, for production of interior parts like engine hood, door frame, dashboard and headrest, for plastic and rubber extrusion and cooling.

PTFE cloth for compression molding

The compression molding process forming parts by placing material into a heated metal mold and add pressure, it is suitable for making automotive parts such as hoods, fenders, scoops, spoilers, car flooring, dashboards, door panels, head liners, parcel shelves, trunk trims, wheel house covers, other parts for NVH control, as well as smaller more intricate parts. Our PTFE cloth will be applied during this molding process to for mold releasing and make sure the product attain good shape.

ptfe adhesive tape for tire cord fabric manufacturing

Tire cord fabrics are used as reinforce material for tires, quality polyester and nylon yarns are twisted and woven into fabrics after polymerization and spinning, latex adhesion is added in to the fabric in order to improve bonding between fabric and rubber, our self adhesive ptfe adhesive tape 7013AJ is required to stick on the drum for release during high temperature process.

ptfe conveyor belt for plastic and rubber extrusion

ptfe conveyor belts is high temperature resistant, high tensile strength, nonstick surface and chemical resistant, the belt is ideal to used for extrusion, vulcanizing and cooling of different plastic profiles such as PU, PE, PVC or rubber. Normally our ptfe solid belt made by 9025AJ, 9035AJ, 9040A, 9060A are suitable for extrusion process, surface of our ptfe belting is smooth enough to improve surface of extruded plastics. Our PTFE mesh belt is better for cooling process because the mesh hole will increase heat dissipation.

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