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PTFE coated glass cloth–Grinding Wheel

Products Overview
Products Overview

In the traditional process, an iron plate is used as a gasket. Sticking phenomenon occurs between finished grinding wheel and iron plate, that operators have to beat and shake furnace during disassembling, which leads to damage of the finished grinding wheel. Also, the iron plate is easily deformed, thus the grinding wheel deformed and curved easily accordingly. In addition, the use of aluminum template or even the old grinding wheel as gasket, due to its large volume and heat capacity, greatly reduced the furnace loading and sintering efficiency. Traditional tooling also has a common disadvantage: the surface of the fired grinding wheel is smooth, which affects its heat dissipation and cutting efficiency, and reduces the use of the grinding wheel.

In order to solve several problems in the traditional process, we introduced Ptfe insulation gasket, which is made from ptfe coated glass cloth to replace various types of gasket in the original process. After repeated application, the following advantages can be achieved:

1.The thickness of the Ptfe grinding wheel is small (only 0.5MM), and the low heat capacity makes the effective furnace capacity increased and the sintering time of a single furnace shortened, which save energy more than 20%.

2.When disassembling furnace manually, the labor intensity is reduced and the work efficiency is improved. Especially, there is no sticking phenomenon in the process of disassembling furnace, and no shake is required. The passing rate of first finished products get 10% increase.

3. The surface of the ptfe grinding wheel can be optimally controlled to improve its surface roughness and self-sharpness. It has good heat dissipation during cutting and the cutting performance is artificially improved.

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