Who we are

Founded in 2007, Taixing Chuanda Plastic Industry Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer for PTFE coated glass cloth and silicone coated glass cloth products.

Our major products: ptfe coated glass cloth, ptfe coated glass cloth adhesive tape, ptfe coated glass fabric belt, ptfe glass mesh fabric, silicone coated glass cloth, BBQ grill mat, ptfe baking sheet, silicone baking mat, etc. They are widely used in many industrial sectors: food processing, chemicals, mechanics, automobiles, electrical, packaging, textiles, composites, cooking etc.

Taixing chuanda focus on large number of target groups, such as large-scale distributors, resellers, chain shops, warehouses, retail shops and on-line sellers. Now we supply to more than 32 countries and regions and our main markets are Asia, South America, Europe and middle East.

Produciton capability

Taixing Chuanda Plastic Industry Co., LTD, covering an area of 10,000 square meters, is located in Taixing city, Jiangsu Province. Equiped with 25 sets production machines, chuanda has 35 workers, which enable our twenty four automated production line produce more than 10,000 square meters daily. For order less than 1,000 square meter, we can deliver it in 5 days.

As a global supplier for ptfe and silicone coated glass cloth products, we keep offering value for customer around the world. Beside traditional business of ptfe glass fabric, ptfe coated glass fabric adhesive tape, PTFE Coated Fiberglass Fabric Belt, ptfe coated glass cloth open mesh, silicone cloth, we also launched hot selling products into market based on our strong capability of research and development. Such as BBQ grill mat, BBQ grill mesh mat, BBQ grill mesh bag, non stick toaster bag, gas stove burner cover, and silicone baking mat.

How we control our quality

Taixing chuanda strives to ensure that their products are compliant with all legal requirements and, if needed, customer specifications. Inside the quality control during whole produciton and our own chemical laboratory, tests are performed to ensure quality and safety. In order to optimise this process we collaborate closely with renowned institutions such as CTI and TÜV.


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