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ptfe iron shoe

Products Overview
Products Overview
Product description:

ptfe iron shoe is made from natural materials PTFE, heat temperatures up to 260℃, pore design of products used to ensure that the entire bottom of the steam flow smoothly, evenly distributed. It is possible to prevent the temperature is too high and the light-sensitive material hot, hot out of brown spots; also avoid hot sticky fibers at the bottom of the iron, so iron itself remains clean and ready for use.

It applicable to various types of steam or non steam irons. Family, garment factories, dry cleaners, laundromats, hotels, etc., can use the product is perfect for ironing good helper! Recommended for scope of application for ironing all kinds of sensitive materials, such as wool, cotton, silk and special synthetic material, etc.

  • heat-resistant temperature of up to 260 ° C
  • Iron shoes prevent sensitive materials from being burnt and brown out due to excessive temperatures.
  • It also prevent the hotified fibers from sticking to the bottom of the iron.
  • it keeps the iron itself clean for use.


BS-6PC(600) 210mm * 155mm
610 205mm*145mm
ES-300L 230mm * 146mm
ELMM 202mm * 120mm
STB-250 210mm * 120mm
STB-200 230mm * 125mm
Standard 1 238mm * 160mm * 0.5mm
Standard 2 240mm * 180mm * 0.5mm
Standard 3 230mm * 155mm * 0.5mm
Standard 4 250mm * 130mm * 1.0mm
L224 250mm*130mm*1mm
ES-300(94A/85A) 212mm * 122mm
60S 205mm * 150mm
 TREVIL 205mm * 117mm
VEIT-H.D.2000 220mm * 106mm
850 210MM * 120MM

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