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silicone coated glass cloth

Products Overview
Products Overview
Product description:

Silicone coated glass cloth is a kind of new composite product with high-performance and multi-purpose Feature. It is made of fiberglass cloth calendered or impregnated with silicone rubber. It has good water resistance, fire resisitance, chemical resistance, non-toxic and so on and can be used continuously between -50℃ ~ +260℃. The silicone coated glass cloth has been widely used in aerospace, chemical, petroleum, large-scale power generation equipment, machinery, metallurgy, electrical insulation, construction and other fields.

  • 1. Heat and cold resistance, good performance in heat preservation.
  • 2. High strength, soft and flexible.
  • 3. Chemical resistance, oil and water proof.
  • 4. Heat resistance, weather resistance, resistant to ozone, oxygen, light and so on.
  • 5. High insulation performance, dielectric constant 3-3.2, breakdown voltage 20~50KV/MM.
  •  Fire&heat protection
  •  Insulation covers and pad
  •  Fabric expansion joint&Fabric ductwork connector
  •  Fire doors, Fire&smoke curtains
  •  Welding&Fire blanket
Item Model Total Weight (g/m2)±5% Total Weight (oz/yd²)±5% Thickness (mm) Remark
Silicone coated fiberglass cloth 5018 230G/m² 7oz/yd² 0.18mm
5025 280G/m² 8.3oz/yd² 0.23mm
5043 510G/m² 15oz/yd² 0.43mm 1. Width: 1000mm-1800mm
2. Color: White, Silver, Red, black and customized                                                            3. Surface treatment: Single side or double sides silicone coating
5045 570G/m² 17oz/yd² 0.45mm
5046 595G/m² 17.5oz/yd² 0.46mm
5060 760G/m² 22.5oz/yd² 0.6mm
5063 800G/m² 24oz/yd² 0.62mm
5065 860G/m² 25.5oz/yd² 0.65mm
5085 1080G/m² 32oz/yd² 0.85mm
5100 1120G/m² 33.1oz/yd² 1.0mm

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