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ptfe coated glass fabric and high temperature self adhesive teflon™ tape are widely used in electronic industry, such as Copper Clad Laminate manufacturing, FPCB manufacturing, LCD conductive film bonding, cable wrapping and etc.

PTFE Copper Clad Laminate

Copper Clad Laminate, abbreviated to CCL, is a type of base material of PCB. It is laminated with copper clad on both sides, and reinforced with glass fiber after impregnated with PTFE. The standard thickness of CCL is at least 0.5mm thick.

PTFE laminate sheet for flexible printed circuit board (PCB)

The ptfe coated glass fabric is used in the multistage heat press machine, the PTFE prevent PCB from sticking on the heat press machine, the material is required to be heat resist because the heat press is performed at a temperature of 160 to 180℃, it also needs to be very smooth because when there is a scratch or a dent in PTFE, there will also be transferred to the product by pressure. Our ptfe coated glass fabric has very high level PTFE provides glossy smooth surface. Here is the structure of material set up:

self adhesive teflon™ tape for wire and cables wrapping

PTFE gives excellent insulation properties oven under very low and high temperature, it is high dielectric strength and insulation resistance, suitable for wrapping wires and electrical coil in aerospace industry.


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