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self adhesive ptfe tape for plastic bag manufacturing.

Plastic bags are made from plastic(polyethylene, polypropylene, polyester, nylon and others). It is made by cutting and sealing plastic blown film under speed and high temperature, and its welded to seal the border of plastic bags.

ptfe conveyor belts band sealer for bag sealing machine

ptfe band sealer belt is made by ptfe glass fabric, we make the band sealer in two types: PTFE sealing belt with joint or two-ply PTFE belts. PTFE sealing belt is normally made by our 9008AJ,9013AJ, 9025AJ material, it will be a 25mm overlap joint on the belt, the joint part will be thicker. Two-ply laminated belt is made by 9008AJ or 9013AJ, the belt will be more durable, higher tensile strength and longer lifetime, the joint part is the same thickness as other parts of belt.

self adhesive ptfe tape for heat sealing packing

self adhesive ptfe tape is used for welding plastic package in vacuum packing machines, vertical or horizontal sealing machine, high speed plastic sealing machine and others.

ptfe conveyor belt for High Speed Tissue Packing Machine

PTFE side sealing belt is designed to pack tissue packs, the side enveloped plastic film need to be heat sealed through the production line, Our ptfe conveyor belt is installed on the side heating rollers, it will transfer heat to the plastic film and provide nonstick surface, the belt run on the side and normally have tracking button or guide to keep the belt running in the right position. We can provide PTFE conveyor belt with overlap joint, Seamless belt or laminated ptfe conveyor belt with tooth joint.

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