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How to use PTFE cloth laminated sheet correctly

Products Overview
Products Overview

Manufacturers of solar cell module laminators often ship with a set of special ptfe cloth for laminators, which is mainly used to catch photovoltaic module manufacturers’ attention to the high temperature Ptfe cloth. The main reason for the use of high temperature ptfe cloth in the laminator is to prevent the melted EVA from sticking to the rubber plate and the heating plate. Once the eva sticks to the rubber plate and the heating plate, it will be difficult to get it removed.

How to use it correctly?

Equipped with at least two sets (4 sheets) of ptfe cloth sheet for one laminator. After each use, do not reuse it immediately, but put it on the side and wait for the non-stick ptfe cloth sheet to cool down completely, then completely remove the EVA on the ptfe cloth to keep it as it is. If the EVA on the ptfe cloth cannot be completely removed, the EVA will stick to the glass of the battery assembly when it is used again. At this time, no matter how cleaning EVA, it’s particles will be left on the glass. When the battery board is used outdoors, these EVA particles will re-dissolve and stick to the glass, and absorb it’s dust. These dusts cannot be removed, and sometimes the dust will block the battery sheet, forming a long-term hot spot.


1. The surface of the high-temperature ptfe cloth must be kept flat throughout the process from cutting to install it on machine, and there should be no wrinkles, otherwise it will cause creases on the ptfe cloth sheet surface and affect its service life.

2. In the process of use, if there is EVA glue or other residues on the surface of the PTFE cloth sheet, it must be wiped clean with a semi-wet cotton cloth, especially the eva adhered in the middle of the high-temperature ptfe cloth.

3. It is normal for color difference for different batches of solar photovoltaic cell module laminator high temperature Ptfe cloth, but it will not affect product quality, nor will it affect use.

Our professionally developed high temperature ptfe cloth has long-term effectiveness in solving the adhesion problem of eva particles in the laminator. We always pay attention to the quality improvement of the high temperature ptfe cloth of the laminator to provide better products and serve more layers Press manufacturers and photovoltaic module manufacturers.





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