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Application of ptfe glass fabric for grinding wheel

ptfe glass fabric
Products Overview
Products Overview

Our GW series ptfe glass fabric with less PTFE content is also used as a sintering separator in the manufacturing process of resin grinding wheels. Technically, it takes advantages of non-adhesion of ptfe, heat resistance, flexibility and air permeability of glass fiber, and combines these advantages together organically. It overcomes several problems existing in traditional technology, and improves manufacturing of resin grinding wheels to a new level.

In the traditional technology, iron plate is used as a separator, because sintered grinding wheel adheres to iron plate. Operators always strike it when disassembling, which cause damages to finished cutting wheels. Also, because of easily reshaped iron plate, grinding wheel deforms and gets curved easily accordingly. In addition, the use of aluminum template or even the old grinding wheel as a separator, due to its large volume and heat capacity, greatly reduces batch and sintering efficiency. Traditional mould also have a common disadvantage: sintered grinding wheel has a smooth surface, which affects its heat dissipation and cutting efficiency, and reduces its usage.

In order to solve above problems in traditional process, we introduce ptfe heat resistant sheet to replace various types of gasket in the original process. After repeated application, the following advantages can be achieved:

  1. Because of the small ptfe glass fabric heat resistant sheet thickness(only 0.5MM), and low heat capacity, batch is enhanced, and sintering time for single furnace is shortened. Energy saves more than 20%.
  2. When workers disassemblingfurnace, labor intensity is reduced and work efficiency is improved. Especially, there is no sticking phenomenon in the process, and no strike is required. Passing rate of finished products gets 10% increase than past.
  3. Surface of the grinding wheel iscapable of optimally controlled to improve its surface roughness and self-sharpness. It has good heat dissipation during cutting and cutting performance is artificially improved.


The use of ptfe gasket is equivalent to the usage of original operation method. There is no need to change the existing equipment, and the method of usage can be divided into direct, indirect and hybrid.

1, Direct type

Replace the original sheet with ptfe glass fabric, so that the unsintered grinding wheel and ptfe sheet are alternately overlapped. Its advantages are high batch and low cost, but the request for ptfe glass fabric is quite demanding.

2. Indirect type

Keep original sheet, and add a piece of ptfe glass fabric on the surface of grinding wheel. The advantage is keeping ptfe glass fabric used for a long time effectively. The disadvantage is high cost.

3. Hybrid type:

Taking 5-10 pieces grinding wheels and keeping 1 piece original rigid plate, and the rest are replaced with ptfe glass fabric. This way is widely used.


  1. No friction between ptfe glass fabric and grinding wheel when disassembling furnace.
  2. Keep ptfe glass fabric neatly stacked;
  3. Avoid irregular squeeze, no disassemble marks;
  4. Avoid high temperature upto 300℃.
Model Thickness (mm) Weight (g/sqm) Color
9030GW 0.29 400 Black, Beige
9035GW 0.36 520 Black, Beige
9055GW 0.57 700 Black, Beige
Regular Size(mm)

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